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Acupuncture in Saskatoon, SK


Saskatoon has a thriving alternative medicine community.  If you have to find acupuncture and alternative medicine practitioners, then you will have a number of viable options.  However, choosing one practitioner or acupuncturist to go with can be a difficult task in and of itself.  Here are a few basic tips to help you make your choice:

  • Keep in mind you may have more options than you know.  Physio-therapists and other professionals may also practice even if they don’t advertise it or show up in Google.  Inquire around if you don’t immediately find an option you like.
  • Keep in mind the number of years they have been practicing.  Acupuncture has increased in popularity in recent years, and this has yielded some unwanted side effects.  Poorly trained and inexperienced acupuncturists have been popping up in droves and setting up shop in towns and cities all across North America.  If someone has been practicing in your area for a prolonged period of time (10 years or more would be preferable, but even five is probably very safe) then you can probably trust their knowledge and expertise.
  • Pay very careful attention to the cleanliness of their shop.  Just as you should with a tattoo artist for example, you should keep track of their hygiene.  If hygiene is poor, then there is a good chance that you can catch an infection (or be the victim of other negative impacts).
  • Check the reviews online.  If someone is bad at their job, it will almost always show up here.  Google Reviews are on method, but make sure to go a little deeper.  Check other sites (including any sites devoted to medicine) to see what kind of ratings they have received there.  It’s usually also worth it to check online forums (especially any Saskatoon or Saskatchewan specific ones) to see if there is any discussion about them there.

For more information, you can read more about acupuncture and it’s benefits here.

5 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Healthy



Tea is actually about as healthy as it can get.  Everyone knows that eating healthy foods can lead to healthier outcomes, but this is especially true for tea.   There is a mounting body of evidence that tea has ridiculously beneficial effects.  There is speculative evidence that it reduces your odds of getting cancer or Alzheimer’s, but more corroborated evidence that it may reduce coronary heart disease.

Now not all tea is equal.  Strong, steeped tea will have the best results.  Iced tea is typically diluted, and therefore won’t have the same impacts (although it does still appear to be pretty good).

Dark Chocolate

Just as in the case of tea, not all chocolates are made equal.  In fact, it has many ingredients similar to tea.  Especially in older individuals, dark chocolate has the ability to improve blood flow.  Other research indicates that dark chocolate will reduce your risk of diabetes.  Reduction of high blood pressure and reduced LDL cholesterol were additional benefits recorded in studies.  Another study recorded individuals over 50 experiencing prevention of blood vessel tightening.  The benefits are expansive, but of course it comes with a caveat: it only takes small portions.  Large portions can very likely reverse positive effects in weight gain.  The negative attributes of all chocolate will outweigh the positives if it is not taken within reason.


In a surprise for even me, coffee makes an entrance on the list.  Beyond the stimulation that caffeine gives you, it actually has a number of amazing effects on your health.  It can reduce your risk for Parkinson’s, Diabetes, mood problems, headaches, and most surprisingly, cavities.  These effects come from an array of different ingredients.  As usual, enjoy your coffee in moderation and you will see more positives than negatives.

10 Healthy Habits for Life

How can you live a healthier life today?  Here are 10 basic tips you can use to start your healthier life today!